The Jones Group

216 17th Street, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

The Jones Group = independent and locally-owned = flexible commissions
= innovative 
advertising = premium service
= Successful Sales

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Monterey Peninsula market. The Jones Group with just 7 agents has the 2nd largest market share of sales in Pacific Grove. We list and sell strongly in other areas of the Peninsula. The Jones Group has a larger market share than several of the national franchise real estate agencies with dozens of agents.

We take care of even the “smallest details.” We have a commitment to customer service and we handle all the details from start to finish. It is easy to order a lawn sign and place a listing in MLS. But how many successful REALTORS® will look after your property with the same pride as our own to ensure that it will be show ready for every potential buyer. To sell a prestigious property, it takes a successful REALTOR® who will promote the individuality of the property. It requires a successful REALTOR® who will network with other successful REALTORS® in marketing the property.

"National franchises" believe in placing each property in the factory line of a cookie-cutter advertising program. There are experienced REALTORS® at these National franchises who do provide customer service. However, they are restricted by the corporate structure of their franchise. The general approach for National Franchise agencies is to wait for someone else to sell your home and preferably to another agent within their company (commission incentives.) This approach encourages the listing agent to narrow the possible cooperating agent pool. An agent in a National Franchise has such tight commission structures that a transaction can be lost because of a few thousand dollars that the  agent isn’t able or willing to forfeit from their commission.

The Jones Group believes that promoting each property individually is the most important aspect of our business. Our uniqueness is not just in our marketing, but in our regard for our client’s time and needs. We put our clients first, not our commission. In this challenging market, we make it our first priority to differentiate your property from the rest.

We will not lose a transaction for a few thousand dollars in the case that the buyer and seller can not agree. We believe that strong relationships sell homes in the volatile market of the Monterey Peninsula. We don't collect listings and let them sit to sell themselves.

We don't just list homes, we sell them.


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